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you despise me, and i love you.

 i can't drink caffeine anymore. or alcohol. 

i can't decide if this is the best or worst news.

we never are what we intend, or invent.

improvements are at a minimum, but they are still improvements, so i will take em.
i really don't like being a super senior.
[hah. that would be a good halloween costume. except it wouldn't be dressing up.]
besides feeling ridiculously old, i really, really miss suzy.
this is the first time in 8 years that we haven't gone to school together :(

my dad signed the ugly over to me today.
as much as i hate owning that car, i now own a car! which is good.


I was going to document The Worst Day Ever but at this rate it is turning into The Worst Week Ever.
i haven't been this miserable since my family was homeless, my uncle died, we moved into my cousin's house and squatted like mexicans, i got shingles, and 9/11happened all in the same month.
i really hope this is all because i am getting my period.

EDIT: i have not one. not two. but three. yes, three cold sores. this is disgusting.

cages or wings? which do you prefer?

okay, it's that time of year again.
the hogwarts express leaves on september 1st and, like every year, i am terrified of what the semester will bring.
i mean, let's just all agree that me and college haven't been the very best of friends.
[though if i was actually going to hogwarts, it would be a totally different story.]
this year's pre-rutgers anxiety is a totally different ballgame than the last four years.
maybe because i have to pay all by myself and it's no funswick.
and maybe because i've already got my first parking ticket of the year. [which brings my parktran debt to a total to $400.]
oh, or maybe it's because i am taking 20 goddamn credits.
or maybe because i hate my car and have to live at home again because i have no money.
take your pick. the victory lap is going to super suck.

to die would be an awfully big adventure!

i got invited to a pirate themed party. and i am really, really tempted to go as peter pan so that i can fight all of the captain hooks.

anger management much?


where the rich folks play

i have spent the past frustrating six weeks attempting to make 30 jappy children into something that somewhat resembles a production of annie. the entire time my biggest fear was that i was being a huge asshole to the kids and that the show would never come together and that the camp staff and the parents would be like, "ok thanks for that craptastic show, i'm taking my kid as far away from you as possible now PEACE."

well, not am i already hired for next summer but they want me to do shows with them year round.

:) :) :)